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    • Earlier today I vividly hallucinated an entire SoundSelf session. I have played over 100 hours, so the patterns are really seared into my subconscious.


      I was toning along to a deep chant noise generator (I tone outside of SoundSelf to induce deep meditation), and it just so happened that this noise generator sounded a bit like SoundSelf. My brain picked up on this, and began syncing the pitch and timbre of some of the singers. It's hard to explain in words, but a specific switch flipped in my brain, like a "follow along" switch that flips on when my brain realizes that SoundSelf is giving feedback of my voice, which is wandering.


      It felt like it pushed my attention back to my breath and tone. I felt the headphones I use when playing, but the sounds were coming from speakers. I saw the wonderful tunnels of light, all the little details and features that SoundSelf creates flowed into my vision. It wasn't like imagining seeing something in your mind, it was like my eyes were just seeing it, even though I could also see the actuality of my ceiling "underneath" it. It felt like I was playing SoundSelf, but instead of me primarily driving the experience, the noise generator was primarily driving, and it made no difference in that moment to my brain.


      It was like my brain was playing back a recorded tape for me to experience. I "came out of it" after about 18 minutes, then automatically fell into a deep rest for basically exactly 2 minutes without a timer. I even heard the bell.

      User 'Nimaid' on Discord

      I just started using this application.


      It is life altering.


      I have never been one to mediate. I always considered it a waste of my time. This is going to completely change that.


      I used the game for the second time tonight. The first time I used it, I laughed, I cried, I even sang. It was amazing.


      Tonight it was almost conscious altering further. I can't quite put in to words what I have felt either time but this second time I felt as if my actual voice communicated something to me.

      User 'LvlUpGuy' on Discord

      There is nothing else quite like SoundSelf.


      Upon a glance it appears to be a visualizer for a media player, but the actual experience is much more personal. Humming or toning into the game gives visual and audio feedback that evolves and changes in real time, driven directly by the sounds you make. It listens to you, and harmonizes with you. You harmonize with yourself. Dense visual displays of color and light harmonize with you.

      This game is a unique meditation aid that will help people find a small space of peace. If you don't know how to meditate, this will help you learn. It's also excellent for disarming passive anxiety/anger, going to sleep, waking up, or just vocal warmups.

      I recommend this game for those that want to experience the weirdest and newest sensory stimulation. I have not played in VR but I imagine it to be very moving.

      User 'Chesterville' on Steam

      Duncan Trussell raves about SoundSelf on Joe Rogan Show

      I found myself wanting to tone longer and longer. I had a feeling of the bed spinning or floating. It was very interesting even after I was done found myself just laying with a blank mind could think but the thoughts did not last.


      I hopped on VC with a sleep buddy they where amused when I said the bed was spinning. After a bit of thinking about stuff that has troubled me mostly the work I have been doing with a therapist I got a burning sensation on my left and right shoulder. This has happened many times when doing work in the past and it is mostly gone now. I'm not sure what to think but it was def more relaxing the 2nd time and more of a result.

      User 'TurboBuliderX' on Discord

      Tibetan Monk Simulator 2020


      Seriously though, SoundSelf isn't like any other "game" I've ever played. It's not so much a game as a piece of software that's designed to induce an altered state of consciousness. I don't think it's fair to liken it to a drug trip because it's not like being high; it's more like doing an extended meditation session but you don't necessarily have to meditate for half an hour.

      The visuals combined with the audio feedback and modulation of your own toning helps to lull your analytical mind into passivity so that you can enter a purer state of being. You can literally feel the shift in your consciousness as you slip into that meditative state. My opinion is that this is a fantastic tool for those that have been looking for a way to start a meditation practice or enhance one they already have. In my case it got me meditating again regularly after years of neglect.

      I definitely recommend this "game" even at the full price. The buyer just has to be aware of what they're getting into. This is a *practice*, not a drug simulator. There are some psychedelic visuals but the intent isn't to simulate doing drugs; the intent is to alter your consciousness and put you in the Zen or flow state. It's not just a sound visualizer either. There will be times when it's almost like SoundSelf is reading your mind and presenting visuals and sounds in accordance with that. You also will never have the same session twice.

      If all of that sounds good to you then give it a shot.

      User 'The Bird of Hermes' on Steam

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